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Community Volunteering

Many international students are aware that community volunteering is both a humane and a professional experience. In addition to helping the community, meeting local people and making friends, volunteering is an opportunity to gain work experience and is a big plus in one’s resume.

AAIN offers assistance to connect the student with associations of her / his interest. As a volunteer, you can help in many causes such as:

  • Supporting families (daycare, eldercare)
  • Improving schools (tutoring, literacy)
  • Assisting women in difficult situations
  • Caring for orphans
  • Helping the disabled

NGO Internships

NGOs have a prominent role in Morocco’s social, cultural, political and economic development. NGO internships are ideal for international students who wish to learn Arabic and gain professional experience in the field of their choice.

These internships are an opportunity to work with professionals, build up a hands-on experience, and get to know another culture.

AAIN offers assistance to connect the student with the NGO of her / his interest.