For many students, being in a foreign country raises ambivalent feelings of excitement, stress, impatience and surely a lot of questions. Here, at AAIN Arabic Institute, we understand that new students require extra attention in order to feel comfortable living in a new foreign environment.

On the first day of the program, we offer students two parts of orientation. The first one highlights some key points in the student’s manual that is sent to students before arrival to Morocco. These are concerned with safety, health, homestay, transportation, AAIN’s facilities, and some tips of dos and don’ts related to the Moroccan culture in general.

The second part of the orientation is a hands-on first experience of students into the city of Meknes. The students are accompanied by AAIN’s staff towards a Ryad in the old medina where students and staff have a traditional Moroccan dish for lunch. After that, students visit the city of Meknes with its historical treasures as well as its new city. Students are shown recommended places for hanging and eating out.

After the orientation, students feel more relaxed and confident to explore the city by themselves.