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Welcome to AAIN Arabic Institute!

AAIN provides students with a developed infrastructure in a well-planned immersion program for studying Arabic and learning about Arabic/Islamic culture and civilization. We are located in the heart of Meknes, an imperial city that was designated in 1996 by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site.
Reputed to be one of the safest cities in Morocco, Meknes is the perfect place for your study abroad. At AAIN we believe that the learning students do outside the classroom is just as important as their academic work. We offer high quality academics in small classes coupled with engaging extra-curricular activities. Featuring the latest technology, our classrooms are spacious, comfortable, and air-conditioned. We are equipped with interactive Smart boards, multi-media labs, a library, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a traditional Riad, and a high-speed wireless Internet connection. In a unique Maghrebi, Mediterranean, Amazigh, and Arab setting, we welcome a diverse and international student body throughout the year.