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The following information is intended to give students and their families a clear idea about what to expect before, during and after leaving for Morocco. Please read these guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

Entry & Visa Requirements

Taking a Plane

  • Make sure you reserve your plane tickets as early as possible to make sure you can reserve your flight on the desired date.
  • It is better to book your flight for either Casablanca International Airport or Rabat Sale International Airport or Fes-Sais Airport as these are the closest to Meknes.


  • Morocco has public and private hospitals and practitioners.
  • AAIN Arabic Institute’s staff offers medical assistance to students in need.
  • Bring any drugs that are prescribed by your doctor in the U.S.
  • Check your health insurance procedures in case you need it.


  • The temperatures of Meknes shift from very cold during winter to very hot during the months of June – September.
  • Make sure to bring warm clothes during winter. Most buildings and houses are made of concrete and stone which transfers the outside temperature to the inside space.
  • Otherwise, you can always buy warm clothes in Meknes.

Money Matters

  • It is important to budget before travelling.
  • There are ATM machines throughout the city from which you can withdraw money.
  • Make sure to have Moroccan currency for emergencies. Some services don’t accept credit cards or checks.
  • You may exchange a small amount into Moroccan Dirhams once at the airport in Morocco.


  • After de-boarding from the plane, you will need to collect your luggage. If you don’t see your bags, DON’T PANIC. Go to your airline representative and report your luggage missing. You will get a receipt for that notification. AAIN Arabic Institute’s staff will take care of the follow-up.
  • After your exit from the customs and terminal, AAIN Arabic Institute’s drivers and staff will transport you and other students to Meknes.
  • Once you meet AAIN’s staff and driver, you will be given a welcome bag that explains the orientation program, some snacks and a mobile phone package.

Mobile Phones

  • It is highly recommended to have a cell phone. Therefore, AAIN provides students with mobile phones during their stay.
  • Students are responsible of inserting enough credit to make calls or send messages.
  • The mobile phones are to be returned to AAIN by the end of the program.


  • Once the transportation from the airport arrives to AAIN Arabic Institute in Meknes, you will meet your host family who will be in charge of taking you to your new home.

Wireless Internet

  • AAIN Arabic Institute is equipped with Wi-Fi and a high speed internet service.
  • You may use your laptop, tablet, and phone to send e-mails, chat with family and friends, or make an online research.
  • During your homestay, your host family can either have a Wi-Fi or a modem connection.
  • Some public areas in the city of Meknes are equipped with Wi-Fi.

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